Value Added Services

At SKALI we handle your problems so that you can realise the benefits.

We offer a full suite of accompanying services for our cloud servers, together forming a richly-featured environment to help you build and maintain your web application. These include:

Service Details Pricing (RM)
Extra static IP addresses Allocation of additional static IP addresses (e.g. for SSL web hosting): we can allocate up to a total of 8 static IP addresses per account, or can support you in applying to RIPE for a larger allocation. Note: we automatically provide one dynamic IP address for every virtual server RM5/month
Reverse DNS Reverse DNS for your primary and extra IP addresses RM3/month
Private network VLANs We can allocate private network VLANs between your virtual servers, isolated from the public internet. RM20/month
Managed Backup Services Providing a regular automated data backups that store all your data files on a redundant, centralised storage array, housed separately from our cloud infrastructure. Our automated and  consistent backup process protects your running servers, giving you that piece of mind.The service provides:
- Near Continuous Backups (block-based, not files)
- Incremental snapshots
- Disk-based backup to a centralised storage array
- (Optional) MySQL database backup Plug-in

Per server rates:

100GB RM250/month

200GB RM350/month

300GB RM450/month

400GB RM550/month

500GB RM650/month

Managed System Services To provide server management and monitoring services, inclusive:- Operating System security patches and update
- Remote Access Activation and Management
- Service Level Up-time (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.)
- Threshold Management
- CPU, HDD, RAM utilisation monitoring and monthly reporting
RM200/per server/month
Pre-installed commercial software Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008 R2Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition



Consultancy Services

Service Details Pricing (RM)
Server software support Support for the software that you run on your cloud server – we pride ourselves on our virtualisation infrastructure, but we are unable to guarantee free support for the software that you run on your cloud server, given that you have complete freedom to install any software package with any configuration. TBD
Complex hosting Bespoke design of complex hosting solutions to meet specialist needs not covered by our standard products, including hybrid solutions mixing virtual and dedicated servers. By agreement
Unix and virtualisation consultancy Bespoke consultancy for your in-house Unix and virtualisation projects, drawing on our years of experience By agreement

Customer Review

“SKALI Cloud is revolutionising the way people look at disaster recovery. Servers can be commissioned in minutes and backups. Loaded for fully functional business continuity solution in minutes. We recommend SKALI Cloud to all clients who is looking at replicating offsite with our software”

Dr.M.C.Sajiv. CEO, Microdium Limited
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