pvcIntroducing SKALI Private Cloud!

We offer ultra-scalability, elasticity, on demand services with pay as you use payment mode. With minimum Setup Fees, we eliminate the most common challenges to Private Cloud

  • Budget: Private clouds can be expensive – With Us, Pay as You Use (monthly chargeback model), we provide you with the infrastructure.
  • Integrating with public clouds: Hybrid ready, when a need to utilise public cloud internally arises.
  • Scaling: We provide the economies of scale.
  • Technological obsolescence: No Worries, We take care of the hardware investment.
  • Fear of change: No Worries, We manage for you.

What Is Private Cloud? A private cloud is a particular model of cloud computing that involves a distinct and secure cloud based environment in which only the specified client can operate. As with other cloud models, private clouds will provide computing power as a service within a virtualised environment using an underlying pool of physical computing resource. However, under the private cloud model, the cloud server is only accessible by a single organisation providing that organisation with greater control and privacy.

Technology Highlights

  • Easy-to-use web control panel and API, giving end -user customers full control to self-manage their cloud servers
  • Commodity server hardware which are backend – no expensive SAN/NAS array required – for the simplest installation and lowest technical costs
  • Advanced Linux KVM virtualisation, supporting high performance cloud servers running any OS with no special drivers
  • Multiple independent RAID arrays on each virtualisation host, giving redundancy & no single point of cluster failure
  • Cloud servers from 2GHz, 1GB to 8-core, 8GB
  • Automated 24/7 monitoring with alerts when operational intervention is needed


  • It enables an organisation to design and change it over time; to tailor-fit it according to their requirements. They are in control of the quality of service provided.
  • With the right systems in place, regulatory compliances, security, and IT governance can be maintained. The disadvantage of this deployment model is that a significant investment of expertise, money, and time to engineer the solution that is right for the business may be required.
  • Private Clouds change the role of the IT administrators. Without private cloud, they are involved in many aspects of application deployment, including the virtual machines of physical servers, network configurations, network load balancers, storage, installation of applications such as SQL server, and many more.
  • With private cloud, their role becomes one of managing the centralised shared resources and managing the service level of the infrastructure. IT administrators create and manage the pools of reusable components and systems that empower and enable businesses to deploy their own services. This means that they provide smarter, higher levels of service that are more valued by businesses.

Our Private Cloud Package

Products Infra Charging Method One Time Cost Dedicated Bandwidth Min VM Max VM Minimum Subscription Period
Virtual Private Cloud SKALI Cloud Host Chargeback (Metering) RM1,000 Yes - 10VM 1 year
Dedicated Private Cloud (Off Site) SKALI Data Centre Chargeback (Metering) RM5,000 Yes 3 years
     Basic 8VM 40VM
     Medium 20VM 100VM
     Enterprise 30VM 150VM
Dedicated Private Cloud Client Premise Chargeback (Metering) RM15,000 Yes 3 years
     Enterprise 30VM 150VM

  • A specifications Per VM server: – 2Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM & 100GB HDD)
  • Minimum VM or equivalent computing power usage

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Customer Review

“SKALI Cloud is revolutionising the way people look at disaster recovery. Servers can be commissioned in minutes and backups. Loaded for fully functional business continuity solution in minutes. We recommend SKALI Cloud to all clients who is looking at replicating offsite with our software”

Dr.M.C.Sajiv. CEO, Microdium Limited
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