Gartner says 80% of enterprises have a v...

Gartner says 80% of enterprises have a virtualization project

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Gartner Press Release, 27-Sept-2010

Gartner says one out of every four server workloads will be in a virtual machine by the end of 2010, and that enterprises should attempt to double or triple the size of their virtualization deployments.

“More than 80 percent of enterprises now have a virtualization program or project, but only 25 percent of all server workloads will be in a virtual machine (VM) by year-end 2010,” Gartner reports, suggesting that the analyst firm believes enterprises haven’t gone far enough. Virtualization is “the highest-impact issue challenging infrastructure and operations,” the analyst firm says.

Virtualization has been around for decades on the mainframe, but the adoption of virtualization on x86 servers, which make up 90% of the server market, is where the technology has seen its greatest growth.

The next question that enterprises should consider — should you invest in your own hardware infrastructure? and still bogged down with the troubles of managing the hardware 3 to 5 years down the road? another tech refresh? hardware component failures along the way?

We think, you should focus on developing your applications and run it well to support your business. Grow as you need it, and shrink it if you don’t. Let us worry about the infrastructure.

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SKALI Cloud team.

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