Dedicated / Hybrid Solutions

What is dedicated disk storage, and what are the advantages?

Our normal virtual drives are allocated from RAID1 disk pairs shared between customers. This means that when any one customer, who coincidentally happen to be on the same disk pair, is heavily accessing his/her disks, your accesses may be slower.
If you need uncontended access to your virtual drives, we can allocate a RAID1 disk pair specifically for your use, with no other customer’s drives on it. This means that performance on your drives cannot be degraded by the activity of other SKALIcloud users.

When would you recommend the use of dedicated disk storage?

We recommend considering a dedicated disk pair if you have heavy IO requirements, or have a particularly IO-latency sensitive application.

Do you offer dedicated servers and hybrid cloud/dedicated clusters?

Yes, please contact our sales staff.

When would you recommend a hybrid solution?

Hybrid solutions are particularly useful when you, on the one hand, need a high-spec database server with high IO performance requirements which is better run on dedicated hardware, but on the other hand, require the flexibility of our cloud platform for your front-end web servers and load-balancing. A combination including dedicated machines is also worth considering if you need particularly low latency for compute-heavy jobs or are specifying servers with more than 8GB of RAM.

Customer Review

“SKALI Cloud is revolutionising the way people look at disaster recovery. Servers can be commissioned in minutes and backups. Loaded for fully functional business continuity solution in minutes. We recommend SKALI Cloud to all clients who is looking at replicating offsite with our software”

Dr.M.C.Sajiv. CEO, Microdium Limited
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