Clouds cut government ICT spend, says Mi...

Clouds cut government ICT spend, says Microsoft CEO

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Whatever the big brother M says, people tend to listen (either agree or disagree), and they have the power to influence the industry, open-up a lot of eyes. Indirectly, they assisted the smaller players..

Brief excerpt:

Cloud Computing is the way ahead for governments who want to save money on ICT spend, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
“In terms of egovernment and Cloud and spend and the like, if you take a look at most IT budgets, probably 70%, close to it anyway, gets spent on labour,” said Ballmer during a visit to the London School of Economics. “So if you really want to help anybody save money on IT, you have to say ‘how do I help people save money on labour?’
“If you take a look at modern data centres, they have a lot fewer people in them than today’s data centres do. So I think the fundamental advance that will help – whether it’s the UK government or other institutions – save money is the automation of tasks today that require a lot of labour.”


So what does our government are up to?

In Malaysia, the recently launched Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) reveals that our government is serious in propelling our country towards becoming a more developed nation. There’s a specific programme with regards to ICT infrastructure, and we’ve seen plans that the government is embracing the latest technology (cloud included) to ensure more cost effective public service deliveries.

Let’s work out the plan together to make this a reality…

SKALI Cloud team.

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