In Malaysia, Cloud Computing is like a Ghost…

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We have been invited and attended the 2010 IDC Cloud Conference, and shared -> ‘To Cloud or Not to Cloud? post to our readers back then.

The panelist Q&A session.

This year (2011), we have been invited again to the prestigious IDC annual event,with a twist, this time as a speaker instead!   

Interestingly, we were the only local-bred company listed as a speaker.What an honour. Thanks IDC.

It was a full day event, and we ourselves had planned to share some of our thoughts on the ‘cloud is business’ theme, and prepared a 12 slides deck for the 30 minutes slot given.


The keynote speech by IDC was solid. Some great new facts we have learnt (would share some of those soon), however we were taken aback when the speaker said ‘In Malaysia, cloud computing is like a GHOST, everybody is talking about it, but it’s neither here nor there..’

We took it as a challenge, and also saw it as an opportunity!

We thought, instead of us going through our prepared deck sharing the general thoughts on cloud computing industry in Malaysia (the theme), we would do a live demonstration instead — and it would be a direct product marketing for us. ;)

Luckily, our slot was much later after lunch, and we had asked for a permission from the organiser, with a pretext of dispelling the myth! (we were told much earlier to minimise product marketing). Fortunately, the organiser welcomes the idea, as it will breaks the monotoneof many slides presented throughout the day by the various speakers.

The only condition was, to use our own Internet connection. We tested our 3G stick, and decided to proceed with it.

Have you seen the ghost? 100% live demonstration on-stage.

Needless to say, we delivered the talk with a solid 20 minutes live demo over a 3G connection, and some of the feedback we heard later, ‘Now I understand what is cloud computing really is,  good demo by SKALI – I do see some benefits in moving to the cloud ‘. 

Myth busted. Mission accomplished!

Create Servers, Forget Hardware

SKALI Cloud team.


Disaster Recovery in the Cloud?

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How’s your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan?

If you have one (and you should!), you probably have almost an identical set of the system hosted further away from your primary systems.  That’s the reason of having DR anyway, IF a disaster were to strike at your primary site – it can be fire, or earthquake, or terrorist act, or it could probably be just stolen! — you can always resume the business as usual accessing to the backup systems. Yes, I’m talking about a full DR scenario, not just an offsite data only backup here.

Depending on your DR strategy matrices (the RTO and RPO), you would need to decide the suitability of your DR requirements and budget. Whatever your strategy is — I’m sure you would agree with me that most of the system at the DR site are idling 60-90% of the time! and yet, you have to continuously pay for the system maintenances, and the associated data centre hosting cost of your server hardware, which is typically tied into a very long-term contract.


Probably not. Now with Cloud infrastructure services like SKALI Cloud, you have an option. Some of our clients uses our cloud servers for their DR servers. Where they would only pay for the servers resources upon usage only. How do they do that?

First, they setup an identical server mirroring their production server on our platform. Then, depending on their RTO & RPO strategy, we would suggest to them the best ‘method’ of data synchronisation between the two locations. It can be as simple as remote data copy, up to a real-time syncronisation between the sites.  Once ready, they would only pay for the server resources they use.

Case Study

One of our client has an RTO & RPO  of 7 days, and they do data syncronisation from their office to our cloud server only on Saturday. Based on that schedule, the cloud server will be powered-on, and the syncronisation will take about 3-4 hours over the network. Once completed, the cloud server will be powered-off. The client pays for the resources that they use only. It saves them at least 60% of their DR cost as compared to their previous contract.

Our persistent-storage feature allows the client data to remain intact, until the next power-on. Unlike some of our competitors, once their cloud server is powered-off, so is the data.. all gone! In our case, our clients need to only pay for the data storage on a monthly basis (MYR 0.40cent/Gb/mth), and for the use of server resources (CPU & RAM) per usage only.

(click image for a larger view)

This current trend which is fast becoming popular throughout the world of doing disaster recovery in the cloud are due to the obvious reasons — flexibility and cost savings!

Now everyone can afford a full DR.

Let us know if you wish us to assist you with your DR strategy. Besides the cloud servers, we do also provide an end-to-end DR software solution as your one-stop solution provider to meet your ever growing needs.

Create Servers, Forget Hardware.

SKALI Cloud team.

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