SKALI Cloud Video Launch Montage (25th Jan)

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As shown at our recent media launch.


Official Launch Event of SKALI Cloud Computing Service

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Following our soft launch success back in December 2010, we have had tremendous response from the market, and our initial production capacity has reached close to 50% utilisation, and we are expanding our cloud clusters very soon!

This coming 25th Jan 2011, we are hosting an official launch event with our media friends, partners, and clients — and expecting a greater demand!

Come and join us to experience Malaysia’s First True Public Cloud Infrastructure Service.

All are invited (registration is required, please send email to You will be hearing messages from our co-founders and CEO on the service and what’s coming next.

Create Servers, Forget Hardware

SKALI Cloud team.

Survey: On-premise vs. Cloud

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There was an interesting survey done by itracks (a leading online market research company), that was sponsored by Appirio (a cloud management company).

The survey mainly wanted to understand the early cloud adopter, the first mover to the cloud, to understand their experiences. The survey was carried out with IT decision makers at 150+ mid-to-large sized North American companies (all with >500 employees, 65% with over 1000 employees) as respondents who had already adopted at least one leading SaaS or cloud application.

The result is very interesting.

  • It’s no doubt, moving to cloud with a higher TCO — 65% says it’s somewhat/significantly better.
  • Security? very hot topic on public cloud. The survey shows  53% respondents says it’s somewhat/significantly better. Many cited that it is the most common misperception.
  • Other significant points are on vendor lock-in, easy of deployment, and availability. Which really favours cloud services.

Overall, the survey revealed, moving to the cloud, benefits these adopters. You can download the full survey here.

Have you considered?

SKALI Cloud provides cloud servers for you to quickly deploy your systems and application. Sign up for a free Test Drive on our platform to see how easy and flexible it is.

Create Servers, Forget Hardware.

SKALICloud Team.

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