Cloud Computing at the Peak of the Hype Cycle

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Gartner (the analyst firm), has released it’s 2010 Hype Cycle Report recently, that identifying those technologies that they think have reached the “Peak of Inflated Expectation”. See below the chart from Gartner (Aug 2010).

Cloud Computing is among those at the peak. It means these technologies may be on their way to mainstream, or one of disillusionment (maybe those technologies failed to live up to expectations).

Gartner’s report examines 1800 technologies as well as trends in 75 industry and topic areas. These reports are meant to provide a snapshot into emerging technologies, as well as estimates in the time until these technologies become mainstream. Cloud computing and e-readers, according to the report will be mainstream in less than 5 years.

Check out the full report.

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World’s Coolest Data Center

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Would like to share some nice slideshows showing picture of the coolest data center in the world originally shared by the good folks at Network  World.

Well, should you go all the way building the coolest data center, or leave the hassle to service providers like us to manage the headache for you?…while you focuses all of your resources on the core of your business.

Try our Cloud Services, see how simple to get your data center running (virtually, that is). Grow or shrink your cloud servers as you like. Pay when you need to use it only, no contract required.

See our earlier blog post to understand why;

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Cloud Computing opportunity by the numbers

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Interesting article posted by Reuben Cohen on his popular cloud computing blog. He shared some of the industry numbers surrounding the opportunities that cloud computing has right now (not sure what’s his source)..

Some excerpt of what he says…

Google currently controls 2% of all servers or about 1 million servers with it saying it plans to have upwards of 10 million servers ( 107 machines) in the next 10 years.

98% of the market is controlled by everyone else.

Hosting / Data center providers by top 5 regions around the world: 33,157

Top 5 break down
United Kingdom:

According to IDC, the market for private enterprise “Cloud servers will grow from an $8.4 billion opportunity in 2010, representing over 600,000 units, to a $12.6 billion market in 2014, with over 1.3 million units.

Market opporunity based purly on server count. $160 billion dollars divided by 50 million servers = $3,200 per server.

The amount of digital information increased by 73 percent in 2008 to an estimated487 billion gigabytes, according to IDC.

World Population 2009: 6,767,805,208
Internet Users 2000: 360,985,492
Internet Users 2009:
Overall Internet User Growth:
Fastest Growth Markets (Last 10 years) – Africa
+1,809.8%, Middle East, +1,675%, Latin America +934.5%, Asia +568.8%

Go ahead to his blog, that he has recently updated it further… enjoy.

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Clouds cut government ICT spend, says Microsoft CEO

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Whatever the big brother M says, people tend to listen (either agree or disagree), and they have the power to influence the industry, open-up a lot of eyes. Indirectly, they assisted the smaller players..

Brief excerpt:

Cloud Computing is the way ahead for governments who want to save money on ICT spend, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
“In terms of egovernment and Cloud and spend and the like, if you take a look at most IT budgets, probably 70%, close to it anyway, gets spent on labour,” said Ballmer during a visit to the London School of Economics. “So if you really want to help anybody save money on IT, you have to say ‘how do I help people save money on labour?’
“If you take a look at modern data centres, they have a lot fewer people in them than today’s data centres do. So I think the fundamental advance that will help – whether it’s the UK government or other institutions – save money is the automation of tasks today that require a lot of labour.”


So what does our government are up to?

In Malaysia, the recently launched Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) reveals that our government is serious in propelling our country towards becoming a more developed nation. There’s a specific programme with regards to ICT infrastructure, and we’ve seen plans that the government is embracing the latest technology (cloud included) to ensure more cost effective public service deliveries.

Let’s work out the plan together to make this a reality…

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Gartner says 80% of enterprises have a virtualization project

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Gartner Press Release, 27-Sept-2010

Gartner says one out of every four server workloads will be in a virtual machine by the end of 2010, and that enterprises should attempt to double or triple the size of their virtualization deployments.

“More than 80 percent of enterprises now have a virtualization program or project, but only 25 percent of all server workloads will be in a virtual machine (VM) by year-end 2010,” Gartner reports, suggesting that the analyst firm believes enterprises haven’t gone far enough. Virtualization is “the highest-impact issue challenging infrastructure and operations,” the analyst firm says.

Virtualization has been around for decades on the mainframe, but the adoption of virtualization on x86 servers, which make up 90% of the server market, is where the technology has seen its greatest growth.

The next question that enterprises should consider — should you invest in your own hardware infrastructure? and still bogged down with the troubles of managing the hardware 3 to 5 years down the road? another tech refresh? hardware component failures along the way?

We think, you should focus on developing your applications and run it well to support your business. Grow as you need it, and shrink it if you don’t. Let us worry about the infrastructure.

Sign-up for a trial account now. Give us a shot.

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